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This page shows the latest updates to the axis site. If you want to know more about what was changed in a certain version, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

aerouk 9e1b38b Temporary fix for status page 1 year ago
aerouk 1c7a543 server from config file on status page 1 year ago
aerouk 2ec9993 Update accinfo examples 1 year ago
aerouk 0399639 Add temporary measure to get github ID TEST 2 years ago
aerouk b6e78d3 Line break on home page 2 years ago
aerouk 6bb4de9 Add link to new API on homepage 2 years ago
aerouk 6d88bee Add links to new API and fix refs in documentation 2 years ago
aerouk 25fd333 Push 2 years ago
aerouk 701a8a6 Another one 2 years ago
aerouk 75a334b space so the line can break 2 years ago

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