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Below is a list of all the currently available routes and what you can expect if you send a request to them. I've different formatting types in all the request examples, just so you know. If you're interested to know which is which, hover over the output example.

Want to know more about each request? Click the ? after each request example.

Request Method Request Path Request Parameters Request Output Example ?
GET /accinfo ?username=<USER>
639617d6a4064650940f02a990cc9305,Aeroo,true ?
GET /accstatus ?username=<USER>
<status premium="true" registered="true"/> ?
GET /uuidapi ?uuid=<UUID>
{"username":"Aeroo"} ?
GET /mcnames ?uuid=<UUID>
[{"username":"AeroPvP"}, {"username":"Aeroo", "changedToAt":1423045577000}] ?

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